Explore the construction path used for some of the main standards in this sector.  In order to discover the demands of society and consider these needs in the process of drafting standards for this sector, the ANS offers various options for social participation and control.

Note: these phases are not mandatory and do not occur with all the legal standards issued by the ANS.  This explanation is solely for informative purposes.



Start: By studying the market and getting to know the viewpoints of private health plans consumers and the regulated sector through its relationship channels, the ANS identifies issues that must be standardized or aspects where clearer regulations are needed.


Technical Councils and Groups: These Technical Councils are set up after a decision taken by one of the Directors or the ANS Board of Directors They consist of specialists in the topic tabled for discussion and representative entities from the sector that are invited to discuss specific issues with members of the ANS. If an in-depth technical study is required, a Technical Group may be established. The conclusions reached during these discussions form solid grounds for drafting laws.


Draft: A draft or initial version of the standard is drawn up, accompanied by a presentation of the motives that prompted the ANS Board of Directors to issue a statement on each topic.


Public Written Consultation: The draft or initial version of the standard is submitted to a Public Written Consultation through the ANS website: the text is presented to society and remains available for a set period of time for comments and suggestions from stakeholders.


Consolidation and Response: once assessed and replied to, this input may result in alterations to the original text as proposed.


Approval and Signature: The ANS Board of Directors examines and approves the standard, signed by the Presiding Director of the ANS.


Publication: The standard is divulged through the Federal Government Gazette (DOU) and the ANS website.



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